First Alpha Test Wraps Up!

First Alpha Test Wraps Up!

I want to thank all those who help us test the game, and Patty & Dave @ Game Depot for allowing us the space to make it all possible.

We had an interesting session. Far exceeding our expectations. As with most games in Alpha one can expect many issues to come up that slip through initial testing and we found several.

First Alpha Test Wraps Up! First Alpha Test Wraps Up!

Due in part to the deep discussion we had after the game testing was complete many ideas came up on how to improve the early game to make it easier for new players to jump in and not feel overwhelmed.

Several awesome ideas where presented that I am working on now to get in the game as soon as possible.

The trick to making this game is not only making it appealing to the Role Players, but also to the board gamers who don’t need or want to go as deep in story and lore. I believe many of the ideas presented will help make this happen.

We are already planning the next Alpha test, although this time around it will be a bit more focused, so most likely only 2 games running at the same time, with a total of 8 players. I will post the date as soon as we have it.

I again wish to thank all those who turned out and ask each of you if you have ideas, questions or random thoughts about the game or how we can improve it, visit the Eden Falling game & Alpha Forums and post your thoughts. Based on some of the new revisions, I will be looking for feedback in the forums on some new names for settlements, factions and encounters found. We will also be posting several polls in the game forums to decide on future ideas and supplements for the game and card artwork.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how to make this the best game set in a post apocalyptic future!

First Alpha Test Wraps Up!First Alpha Test Wraps Up!