Week of Updates

Week of Updates

We have been busy updating the game based on play tester feedback last week. Last weeks play test provided us with many game enhancing ideas that we continue to work on now.  About 80% of what was recommended has either been done already or is in the works. Much of it needs some more internal testing before the next Alpha play test but its looking good so far.

Changes to end game

Many of the testers thought that there should be several ways to complete each game session.
After much thought and balancing, I believe we have come up with a method that all will agree makes things a bit easier, and more interesting at the same time, while keeping game balance.

Location changes

It was suggested that the locations found in the game would be camped in some cases by players for the resources they contained.  Some changes where made to not only correct this but to enhance the experience while there as well.


Several changes have been made to the Faction system. The pendulum swings far broader now. 8 Factions are in and a 9th being a trading Cartel that remains somewhat neutral in the power struggle that plays out in the world.


Character reputation has been slightly reworked to take into account the many more new Factions.


Several of the quests have been reworked to better work with the new list of Factions in game.

New Ideas being hashed out

Several new ideas are being hashed out now that may bring even more twists to the level of mutations present and the game world itself.  I will keep you updated as they get more fleshed out and some internal testing is done.

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