Eden Falling Week in Review

Lots of new ideas for Eden Falling this week.

We are still addressing all the new ideas and thoughts players presented at the first Alpha test.
The list is getting shorter as more and more of them find there place in the game. This week these are the major ones we wanted to work on.

In testing

First up, we have been hashing out some ideas on how to add specials to weapons. Example;  Blade weapons having a Bleed result.

The idea is to add a small chance for a weapon proc to happen, but not make its impact to impacting on the game but again worth having it happen.  Currently we are looking at maybe around a 10% chance for the effect to happen based off each attack made.

Along the same lines started to play with some Weapon Mod ideas, example; a Charge pack that adds a bit extra zing to a bladed weapons ATT value. Depending on what the Mod does, this may add to the proc listed above enhancing it even further. Still trying to decide on how to limit mod duration and condition.  Thoughts are to have them last for a period of time and then either burn out or need recharged etc..

These mods all would be player crafted, made form items found through out the game world. More focused towards the campaign game play game.

On the drawing board

Lastly Boss encounters. we are in the preliminary stages of working out the details but have a pretty good idea at this point how to make them happen.

Thoughts are these are tough encounters, in most cases know to exist someplace specifically in the game world, and designed for more than one player.  Again campaign focused content, made for multi-player games or solo game with a follower to assist. They should offer a serious challenge and very good loot.

Eden Falling Week in Review

I will discuss the ideas a bit more in the Eden Falling Game & Alpha Forums for those who registered to comment on and discuss further.

As always I look forward to your feedback and ideas.