The Latest Updates

The Latest Updates

Game development continues on Eden Falling. This week I concentrated on adding in one of the most requested items during the Alpha Play Test, Weapon and Encounter Specials.

Basically every weapon now has a special attack mode, and each encounter has a chance of doing a special attack. Both are Optional Rules, mainly to enhance campaign play versus a quick game or board game play style.

New cards

Each Special has a chance of going off based on a Rnd# during combat. Other changes include new formula format for resources from the item when trying to repair or scrap out.

Weapon Mods

I still have to work on the weapon mods yet, these will be weapon enhancements or modes of fire that can be called on by the character unlike the Weapon Specials which are randomly triggered.

The list items yet to address is getting shorter so we will be soon planning the next play test dates.

Play Test Dates and Focus

This time around we will run 2 games in tandem. The focus will be to play 1 session as normal, build characters play to session end. Then advance the Characters as though they have survived 10 game session, and then test out a few of the new major changes such as the War! event, sacking towns, and Boss encounters.

The dates are not set yet but soon!!

I think we will attempt 2 play dates within a week, one being a week day, maybe a Wednesday or Thursday, and the other being the typical Saturday. If you have not yet registered to be an Alpha Tester and would like to attend please register. Even if you cannot attend and would like a bit more inside info on the games development register to gain access to the Alpha test forums.

Until next week I look forward to hearing your thoughts as we focus in on the next play test.