Small Test Group Needed

Ready for some intensive testing.

I would like to put to together a small test group of maybe 6 to 8 people to do some extensive testing on the game.
The Alpha sessions are a nice way to get some opinions and feedback but to really test a good campaign we need to be able to have regular game sessions to advance the Characters.

There are many facets of Character Development I would like to see tested over a period of time with a good group of gamers.
Keep in mind during these sessions we will be looking for ways to improve game play, fine tune the rules, clarify them where needed etc. As with any pre-release game there are expected to be some rough spots, but I am sure we can get them ironed out and move onto the next stage of public testing rather quickly.

If you live or can be in the East Valley area for a weekly session, or possibly a bi-weekly session lasting about 4 hours, most likely on Saturday or Sundays reply to the article or email me.


I have not yet worked out where to host the game sessions but most likely in the Gilbert area.


Soon! Maybe starting in a week or 2.