Eden Falling Week in Review

Eden Falling Game Updates

More fine tuning this week. Worked out a bit more of the background on each Faction in the game. Also detailed the North American Campaign Map. Updated the Character sheets. Minor changes to Psionic rules.

My Personal Campaign

I began a campaign with a new character this week. I am 4 games in so far, got lucky and stumbled upon some really nice armor early on and a decent set of weapons for melee and ranged combat. First fight after getting my new armor of course it almost gets totally destroyed, so now it fits nicely in my backpack until I can work up the skills to repair it. I did manage to buy some other armor to wear in the meantime. On my map my primary faction has yet to make an appearance, some of the allies have shown up in some small settlements to make things a bit interesting at least. Lastly I did finally attain enough faction points to attract a new follower, more to come on how that goes this week.

Closed testing

A small group of us are planning to do some extensive testing over the next few weeks to test the game, then at some point later this month early next month Alpha 2 should be scheduled. If you are interested in testing and are in the Phoenix Metro area register for the Alpha and I will be in touch with you.   Until next week…..