Small Group Testing

The 1st Week of Small Group Testing is behind us.

We have begun small group testing the games improvements that have been added since the first Alpha test. We seen a draught hit a sector, crazy storms and even had a run of nice weather for a change. As our adventures attempted to discover the land there where some close calls but none fell to the elements or its denizens,,,, this week!

Many changes to test and some minor revisions added.

As is typical as the rules come into play loop holes are found and omissions are discovered. We finally had a chance to see many of the ideas presented at the first alpha in play, and I must say they seemed to work very nicely, enhancing the game without really adding any real time to the overall game session length.

New Quad Map

We also are testing a quad map, which combines 4 sectors found in a quad on one map. This greatly expands the area a Character can adventure in during a game session. Many little tweaks found during game play will be added to it for future session,. but we did find it has some serious potential for those players who want to take their campaigns to the next level. The plan would be to offer this large table top map as a possibly add-on to the game.


The first War! Event came out and challenged the fledgling Settlements that made it onto the map so far. Settlements guards where on high alert refusing entry to even the least notorious adventures who have consorted with the opposing Factions.   The Cartel locked their gates to all. As a direct result of the War! one Freedom Fighters Settlement has fallen to a Confed incursion, more to come.

Future Testing

We plan to continue small group testing in the coming weeks eventually leading up to the next public Alpha test.

If you are in the Phoenix area and can venture to the east valley every week or so and would like to join us, email me  or respond to this article.

Until next week.. Don’t breathe in too many Toxins 😉