Marketing Team Update!

Marketing here! Now that Phoenix Comicon is over, things are kicking into high gear on our side of the house. Over the past few weeks we have been slowly unveiling all the members of the Harbingers and with the release of Rosie on the tuba the full band has come together.

Whole Band

With the Harbingers rocking on the main stage the Marketing team will be shifting focus to the next phase of our campaign. We do not have a lot of information to showcase quite yet, but over the month or two we should have some more information to show!

Marketing is also in charge of the website, we just updated the look of the News page recently to make it easier to read the articles and see the new updates. We will also be working on updating the Features page as well now that some more information has surfaced so be on the lookout for those updates!

News Page

Thank you for checking out the revamped dev blog! Keep an eye out for more updates from the other teams! If you have any questions for the other teams comment below or run on over to our forums, we would love to hear from you!