Marketing Update 6-1-17

Hey everyone! The Marketing team has been bustling the last few weeks with many new and exciting things for us to share. The first big exciting piece of news is that Razor Edge Games is now officially on Twitch! We highly encourage our community to go ahead and follow us at ahead of time, as the Marketing team will be using Twitch in the coming weeks to unveil a ton of new content.

 The second piece of exciting news is that our MMORPG landing page is now fully updated, and our MMORPG blog is back up and running. Our blog will be updated alongside our Facebook entries, and expect two to three new content entries a week from us on these platforms, including concept art, Dev Journal entries, full texture and animation videos, and much more!

 The Marketing team is very excited for all of the stuff that we’re going to show off to our community in the coming weeks, and hope you’ll be as excited as we are once you see it. As always, have a question for a specific team? We’re here to help! Head on over to the forums, follow us and comment on our Facebook, or comment on our blogs at MMORPG. We will do our best to get those questions answered as quickly as we can!

 – Marketing