Writing Team Update 6-8-17


Hello, my name is Andrew Dean, and I am the Lead Writer at Razor Edge Games.

This week is the Writing Team’s turn for the Dev Update.

As always, we do not have a lot to show visually, so I apologize in advance for the wall of text.

Over the past few weeks we have reorganized some of our major areas, such as the Contract or “Quest” system. We finalized the system that will be used to generate Contracts for the player, in addition it has allowed us to modify the existing storylines that we have written so that it fits into this system and makes our random generation and static quest system a seamless symbiotic relationship. This has also allowed us to database everything in a more efficient manner.

For something a little more interesting, we have been making some expansion on our Faction lore area, elaborating more on the people involved with each faction. I cannot get into too many details on this area, but we have some really cool things planned. And as soon as we have finalized everything, you will get to meet some of the key players in the factions, such as the Steppe Tribes Council of Elders.


We’re also working on a really cool game mechanic that centers around our Marauder groups and will tie in lots of lore and faction options for the daring player that is interested in participating. This system will be connected with our world events and player contract system and will give rewards based on the choices you make.

In addition, we have some really cool projects that you might see during one of our upcoming Marketing ventures, or through various other avenues, one of which I cannot give too many details for, but has been a really fun endeavor for the writing team…


We hope to share much more of our games lore with you in the future, so keep checking our Facebook and website for updates!

Thank you for your support, and we’ll see you after The Fall.