The Story So Far...


The year is 2258. Humanity has become a vagrant in its own home. There are few left alive that can remember the days of old. As the world changed, so did mankind. The survivors adapted, not just on a cultural level, but genetically.

Sixty-two years ago, the world was forever changed as death rained from the skies. As the celestial stones fell to Earth bringing with them blight and pestilence, the world sat silently watching. It was believed that this would never happen. The leaders of the world had declared that humanity would be protected.

They lied…

As the powers-that-be scrambled into their holes in the ground, fire fell from the sky, bringing with it an infection that began to consume this world and all that inhabited it. It was not the rocks that broke civilization, it was what they had carried. The world began to mutate and turn against its inhabitants, the air became toxic, miles of land became so poisoned and foreign that just being near it could kill a person. With each breath, this toxin infused the bodies of the survivors, their life cycles shrinking to a sliver of what they once were. Civilization as it was known began to fall.

Those that remained had to soldier on. As the world that was had now become the enemy, Humanity survived. As the life that fills this planet began to mutate and hunt the survivors, Humanity survived. As the planet splintered and Humanity broke, they picked up the shards and they survived. The moral of this story, is that humanity will always survive.

A time for change…

Before the Fall, mankind had become splintered over time. With the application of advanced technology, it became increasingly easier for people to interact and live apart from society. People lived in a crowded world of isolation. As that world began to fall around them, they were thrust into the light, their seclusion torn away from them. It was quickly found that the only way to truly survive was by banding together and relying on one another. As it became clear that structure was needed, those with the wherewithal founded havens for survivors. Over time these sanctuaries grew, bringing the like-minded together for the betterment of all, and with them the birth of the factions.

With the rise of the factions also came a race for technology, knowledge, and power. As people began living for the group and less for themselves, it became apparent that life was once again becoming more than just surviving, but about the hope of something better.

Only time will tell if these new leaders are sincere, if they are truly there for the benefit of their people or if they have another agenda.

The challenges you don’t expect…

Even with this new-found hope, it is wise to stay close to the walls. The toxic overgrowth can do more than just kill a man. The twisted, gnarly things that litter the ground out there, with their bulbous bodies, bright colors, and deadly spores are not for decoration. The spores change a person. They can warp one’s thoughts, their desires, and even their memories. It is recommended to never go out into the spore storms that ravage the land. For those that do, it is wise to make peace with whatever it is that they believe in. Never venture into the overgrowth; those that do rarely return. The ones that do return are not what they once were.

Eyes on the prize.

It has been said that bravery is dead. That the world no longer needs heroes; it just needs resources. Mankind has become consumed with discovering Tec from the old world, devices long lost and forgotten by the survivors. They scavenge the skeletal ruins of the old and abandoned remnants of a world that once was. After sixty-two years, much of the non-essential Tec has been forsaken. That does not mean it has become useless: just obsolete. For most, the stories of these technologies have become akin to fairy tales. It is not uncommon to hear the whispers of things that can help a person thwart illness or even allow one to become unseen. For the particularly indulgent believer, there are even rumors of lost Tec that enables a person to fly.

For the rare few that still walk this world that have lived to see the fall, these tales are memories of a life that no longer is, and a world that never will be again.

Now is a time to embrace curiosity and a time to dream. To focus on what is needed and not what is desired. As people huddle together for survival, it has never been more apparent that they are never alone: that true survival takes courage and allies. And now more than ever it is important to learn how to rely on those around them. It has become time to stop surviving and finally learn to live.


Welcome to Eden Falling…!