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Southwest Marauder Gangs

Fire Devils

The largest marauder group in the Southwest region, the Fire Devils thrive on the fear inspired by their symbol. Those that have seen the leader of the Fire Devils claim he is a massive smiling demon from Below. No one can tell what exactly the goal or motive of the group is, other than to inspire fear and take whatever they feel like from poor townsfolk on the outskirts of settlements.

The Abandoned

The Abandoned started as a group of school children orphaned by the The Fall. As they grew and fended for themselves, they began to gain a warped sense of the world. Missionaries from other settlements ventured to their hideouts, seeking to convert and ingratiate the Abandoned into their ranks, but all were turned away and some were never heard from again. Rumors abound that most of the kidnappings are the workings of the Abandoned and part of their recruitment process.

The Coyotes

Like their namesake, the Coyotes gang hunts in packs and leads their prey into unsuspecting ambushes, where their prey is outnumbered and powerless to fight back. The most animalistic of the gangs in the Southwest, the Coyotes have no central leadership, instead they are broken in “dens” and infighting is extremely common and there can only be one Alpha controlling a den.


Ebony Jackals

An extremely small group of extremists, the Ebony Jackals don’t share the whys behind their actions. Origin stories abound as to how this ragtag group formed. The most prevalent of the rumors dates back to right after The Fall, when a man named Kamton, supposedly killed a jackal with his bare hands.

Sapphire Slicers

As the name implies, the Sapphire Slicers are known for their skills with bladed weapons of any sort. While no one has ever seen a Slicer carry a sapphire knife, it is rumored that only high ranking officials within the organization carry them. They pride themselves on the hunt and kill for the joy of killing.

United Front

The United Front holds large tracts of land in the Southwest rumored to contain intact pieces of Ancient flying technology. They claim that their founders once flew machines across the continent. No one knows for sure how accurate this is, as intact Ancient technology is extremely rare.

Coastal Marauder Gangs

Bronze Spider Clan

Inspired by their leader’s prized datacube left from the Ancient world, converts of the Bronze Spider Clan look to the Spider for guidance through the AfterFall. With excellent skill in trap setting, you shouldn’t be surprised to fall into a Spider web completely unawares. Living up to their idol, your chances of survival are grim.

The Shadows

Perhaps inappropriately smug in their practice, The Shadows claim to be masters of the Ancient practice of martial arts. This seems an extremely easy boast to debunk as members of this particular group are less than graceful and far from disciplined. Their clumsy movements make them easy targets even in the shadows they claim to be one with. It’s unlikely anyone needs to take them seriously in context, however they are excellent killers all the same.

The Shadow Walkers

The true Shadows of the coastal region, the Shadow Walkers have mastered many Ancient arts to best augment their stealthy, artful kills. To be treated with extreme caution, recognition of  The Shadow Walkers members is near impossible without catching a glimpse of their distinctive tattoo. For those lucky enough to be able to identify their attacker as one of the Shadow Walkers in advance, perhaps the scant breath they get prior to a swift and clean demise can be spent in awe of the perfection achieved by this expert collection of assassins.

Violet Moths

No one knows how this gang came to chose their name, as it does little to inspire fear in people. However, what they lack in creativity they more than make up for in brutality. People who have escaped from their clutches tend not to be able to re-enter civil society due to trauma in a variety of forms – typically in the form of mental and emotional breakdown. Victims prove that even most absurd title can carry a grim heft.

Bronze Lions

Taking up residence near the Ancient statues of two bronze lions, this group emulates their namesake. The women take the lead while hunting for prey and supplies. Meanwhile, their male counterparts are tasked with patrolling and securing the Lions’ turf. Not so unlike the living specimens of their namesake, this particular group experiences a fierce gender-bias, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Void

Not much is known about The Void. When viewed by external sources, there is no evident power structure. Due to the mystique of the group, people are extremely wary of The Void. Fear of the unknown seems to be their most effective tool when garnering support as well as recruits.

High Plain Gangs

The Roses

The Roses may desire a beautiful and majestic world, but their methods aren’t always as elegant. Driven to fight against all forms of corruption, they will do anything to restore the natural way of things. Ironically, The Roses are deceptive, and sometimes employ tactics that leave their victims maimed, brutalized, and fearful despite preaching a peaceful world order.

Ice Cobras

Cold and venomous, the Ice Cobras are as vile as can be. Their vision is reflected in the chilly, white scales of their namesake. They lure their foes into constrictive spaces, and narrow alleyways before swarming them. Left for dead after a vicious strike, the victims of the Ice Cobras die cold and alone in the bleak shadows.

Ivory Blossoms

The Ivory Blossoms fight for the peace and serenity. They use white flowers as a token to represent the amount of purity left in the world. Every sinful person eliminated means another flower takes their place. While the gesture is elegant in its own right, the decisive attacks leading to swift, painless deaths show a brutality that still survives in even the supposedly pure-intentioned group.

The Invincibles

Tough and resilient, The Invincibles believe they have been blessed with unlimited strength from their ancestors who survived the Fall. With great power comes great responsibility, and they believe it is their purpose to eliminate anyone who doesn’t share their ability. With their pride and family honor on the line, they don’t fall very easily.

The Wildings

Wild and free, this group definitely lives up to their chosen title. They camouflage themselves using the toxic plants that have sprouted after the Fall. They believe the toxins give them enhanced strength, and prove as dangerous as the plants themselves. They hide in the fog where the toxic vegetation thrives, and are deadly to anyone who gets too close.

Soulless Ones

It’s best not to mess with those who have dealt with demons–mental, emotional, or otherwise. The Soulless Ones are those who believe the Fall is just the beginning, and that demons in all forms will soon come to take over the Earth. The people in this group have pledged themselves to corrupting forces,and show no mercy to anyone.

Northwest Gangs

Viper Company

The Vipers aren’t afraid of solidarity. In fact, they embrace it in their hunt. They stalk their intended prey and wound it from afar. And after following their prey to a “safe” location. They finish them off. While Viper Company prefers to hunt in solidarity, they band together to help one another in case of emergency.

The Pistols

Quick to action and easy to hide. The Pistols are more the “Shoot first, ask questions later” type of people. Best not to mess with them. They started out as a small group of thieves that would attack travelers to steal their good. They are notorious for their aim with a pistol.

The Forsaken

The Forsaken consists of men and women who have been cast out of their settlement into the dangerous world. People who have been left behind by their “friends” and family, this group knows no mercy to the people of the settlements. They fear no one, since they should have died when they were abandoned.

Doom Bringers

There are some who believe that death and destruction are natural, and that Man is responsible for bringing it. The Doom Bringers intend to do just that. You can find them wherever mayhem and havoc are being done. Their faces are painted white like their patron, death.

Voiceless One

No one is exactly sure how many people are in this group. It’s actually unsure if there’s more than one of them. “They” wear the same outfit and “they” don’t talk when they attack. Their masks make it impossible to see their face. They simply kill, and return to the shadows to strike again.

The Takers

The Takers have one simple goal. Take whatever they like. So watch your pockets, and your life, when you encounter this group, for they don’t care what the cost is. They will get what they want. It’s rumored that they used to fight for the weak, but since then have changed morals to fight for themselves.

Central Gulf Gangs

The Tigers

Much like its symbol, The Tigers are renowned for their strength and size. A mighty marauder group that is not afraid to show themselves to a fight. You can hear the roars of “The Tigers” long before you see them, and you’d better be prepared.

The Whispers

Quiet like the wind, and as deadly as the Toxins, The Whispers prefer to remain unseen and unheard. Said to be a group of nature worshipers, they have learned stealth by living among nature, mimicking the ease and silence of airflow.

Cobalt Demons

The Cobalt Demons are renowned for their ability to sense what someone has on them. They utilize this talent to size up their foe, and see if they’re worth taking down. Originally called “The Demons”, they’ve since changed their name to represent the color of intuition.

The Eternals

Some believe that life on Earth is all that we have, and many of those people will do whatever it takes to prolong the inevitable. The Eternals are that group and no matter who they hurt in the process, they will survive.This group was founded on a rumor about Lost Tec that would help them survive.

The Bronze Warthog

Founded after the discovery of an ancient relic, the Bronze Warthogs represent their devotion to the strange relic. Strong, bulky and stout, these members are not easily defeated. Much like their symbol, they will fight for dominance of their territory, so it would be wise to be cautious when crossing their path.

The Liberated

A group of people who were once criminals in the settlements escaped to rise against the faction laws. These people believe they were wrongly accused of committing crimes that weren’t valid. They don’t have the same morals as the settlements, and should be handled with caution.

Central Plain Gangs

Snake Gang

The Snake Gang is as nasty and venomous as their namesake. They slither across the Central Plains, finding their next prey. The Snake Gang hunts those considered inferior and weak and feel no remorse for doing so.

The Anonymous

A group that arose after the Factions were established in the settlements, The Anonymous seek to disrupt order. If you’re involved with the Factions, good luck finding The Anonymous before they find you.

The Disciples

Zealots to the ways of martial arts, these warriors devote themselves exclusively to hand-to-hand combat. They may not use standard weapons, but they are swift, crafty, and just as deadly as the guns you carry.

The Undead

When the full moon is out, you’d better watch for The Undead. They believe that the Fall has killed humanity; convinced that the full moon brings out their undead strength. They pride themselves in testing their skill on any target they may encounter.

Soul Stealers

Everyone knows that Death comes to us all eventually. But, there are some who believe that it is their divine duty to aid Death in the collection of souls. You’ll recognize them by their black hood and insignia on their chest, but it will be too late by then.

Butterfly Soldiers

Built on the majesty and pure bliss of the butterflies, this group fights in an attempt to bring peace among the settlements. Anyone caught disturbing the peace and tranquility of the world, is destined to see the end of their life.

Southern Gangs

Crocodile Crew

Deadly when provoked, the Crocodile Crew was founded when an Ancient ritual ground was discovered. The coliseum-like arena was embellished with a scaley, fierce-looking reptile which later became the crew’s symbol. The Crocodile Crew aggressively defends their home and way of life.

Crimson Pygmies

Strong, fierce, and stubborn, the Crimson Pygmies refuse to be controlled by anyone. They are not interested in the affairs of the Factions. But they do take a personal, violent grudge against Faction members. Should you spot their markings in the area, it’s better to find an alternative route.

The Flame

A fire that burns without constraints, causes the world to burn with it. Yet, when a flame is directed and contained, life springs from the warm glow. The Flame desires to bring their powers together to create a better world for people, rather than monopolize resources  like The Factions.

The Hopeless Ones

Outcasts of the settlements, The Hopeless Ones have banded together to keep themselves alive. Because of this strange pull to one another, you will hardly see one by themselves. Be prepared for quite the fight.

Soul Stealers

Everyone knows that Death comes to us all eventually. But, there are some who believe that it is their divine duty to aid Death in the collection of souls. You’ll recognize them by their black hood and insignia on their chest, but it will be too late by then.

Silent Death

A gentle breeze in the air goes unnoticed until it brushes against your legs. Much like an attack from Silent Death, if you see or feel them, it’s too late for you. Silent Death believes that the end of a human’s life should be quick, and unexpected.

Northeast Gangs

Raven Squad

While ‘squad’ may be a bit of a stretch when describing this haphazard jumble of renegades, their dark-colored uniforms account for at least part of their chosen name. The Raven Squad amounts to little when compared to other gangs. They use a signature bird call to alert other members of their position, not as an act of teamwork, but as territorial marking.

Royal Dragons

Merely rumored to be led by a survivor of royal, Ancient blood, the Royal Dragons consume the greater part of the Northeast territories. Their coiling symbol can be found on the right wrist of members just below a ceremonial gash that shows both blood and flesh sworn to their prince.

The Day Walkers

The Day Walkers are just that–people who prefer to operate in broad daylight. Exibitionists of their craft, if you will. These sticky-fingered looters make a mockery of local law by infiltrating settlements and specifically targeting guards who later realize they’re missing anything from gloves to currency.

Dead Eyes

Acting in perfect tandem, this sibling duo proudly claims bragging–and hunting–rights as the most accomplished marksmen to have survived the AfterFall. Able to clip the hairs on the nape of a person’s neck from one hundred and eighty meters, Sara Dead and her brother Jacob are a fearsome presence you don’t want to encounter.

The Nameless

It’s a bad idea to wander too far north when there are the eerie, hatch mark tallies of the Nameless marking a territory. These individuals are rumored to be your friends, family, and leaders, but you’ll never know until it’s too late. The only thing members of  the Nameless have in common is a hobby of murder for sport.

Grey Jackals

Not unlike their opportunistic namesake, the Grey Jackals thrive on chaos already in action. They will impede upon other gangs’ territories to prey on the weary, as well as piggyback on others’ victories, salvaging spoils as though they were won fairly.

Mid-Atlantic Gangs

Grey Eagles

Renowned for strength, power and lofty ideals of freedom, the Grey Eagles believe the world should be free of the laws set by the various factions. Just like the eagles flying freely in the sky, the Grey Eagles believe it is their right to do as they please.

Blue Vultures

The Blue Vultures are not a group to be trifled with. While their preferred targets are the sick, wounded, and isolated, they have no issue with attacking healthy specimens. They feel that all men are merely walking corpses with loot to pick off.

The Reapers

There are many who believe the Fall was some sort of divine intervention, and that survivors are merely those living on borrowed time. The Reapers aid in collecting the wayward souls in hopes of appeasing Death.

The Brass Boars

Resilient and strong like their namesake, the Brass Boars are not to be taken lightly. Tenacious and highly adaptive, the members of this group are especially territorial, and will destroy anyone who stands in their way. If you happen to cross their path, you’d better be ready for a fight.

The Untamed

The Untamed are comprised of people who feel that the factions are trying to bend others to their will and ideals. Fleeing the settlements to free themselves from the grip of the factions, the Untamed tend to stay far on the outskirts, away from other communities. Those loyal the factions’ ideals should watch their backs while crossing through Untamed territory.

The Flame Rose Tribe

True to the passionate imagery of their namesake, the Flame Rose Tribe is known for their elegance and ambition. Their only goal is to reshape the world into something better. Bu don’t be fooled into thinking they’re humanitarians. Much like the burning of the flames and the thorns on a rose, the Flame Rose Tribe doesn’t care who is hurt in the process of improvement.