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RosieRosie Perth

28 | Patriots

The jug band itself is an intriguing combination of timbres and styles. But no one is more commanding in sound than Rosie Perth. Rosie is never just heard; her strong tone can be felt by anyone in the vicinity. Her sound has a way of making your heart beat to the pulse of the driving, low, pounding that the tuba creates. While her drive with the tuba will make your heart pound, her fists will make your heart stop if you cross her in battle. The heavy weight of the tuba and her work with the Patriots have greatly increased her strength and endurance.

Before she was a member of the jug band, she was the best relic collector in the Patriots. Anytime a relic was rumored, Rosie was the first to go seek it out.

Once, there was rumor of an old, crumbling stage that was said to have some lost Tec inside. Rosie immediately gathered her supplies and went out to the site to see what could be found. When she arrived, the place was completely empty aside from the toxic haze of the plants that hovered about the stage. She gazed into the room and noticed a massive, brown case sitting underneath some chairs in the ruins. Taking a deep breath, she ran in to retrieve the case. It was all she could do to carry her salvaged prize and still be able to make it out without inhaling too much of the deadly fog. The relic was strange, a sizeable brassy tube that twisted and turned to create a series of pipes that looped around the center, and she was forced to take it to the Cartel for identification. It was confirmed as a tuba, an instrument from before the Fall.

Rosie picked up the tuba, put the mouthpiece to her lips and let out a rush of air. The room filled with an intense, low sound that shook her eardrums. She felt the rush run through her body, and began experimenting with different button combinations and air speeds to change the notes. She stopped only when she started to feel pain on her face. How could she go back to what she had done before? Her only desire after this day was to learn the tuba and to put her music to use. She wants to go back to the roots of music before the Fall, and to move people with her songs. When she joined the jug band, she started using her brute power in the lower register to support her friends as they soar harmonically over her notes and to make the people feel what the music portrayed.

“The structure of the world is like the structure of a chord. In order for a chord to sound full and beautiful, it must start with a strong and powerful root. Everything else is derived from that.”

Special Quest: Tone & Technique

As a hardened musician, Rosie is always looking for new ways to improve her skills on the tuba. While a lot of her improvement comes from increasing her air capacity and speed, she still stays on the lookout for rumors of Old World techniques she can use. Rosie has caught wind of a book that explains a method known as “Multiphonics”. Normally, Rosie would go on her own but she needs assistance because the rumored book is said to be in Patriots’ turf and she doesn’t want to put anyone in the band at risk. She may have been the best relic collector at the time, but she will still be treated as as criminal if she is caught. The book is located in an abandoned music room in an old school building. Rosie has been informed by various sources that the building is covered in overgrowth and that she should be wary.

  • Help Rosie claim the book on “Multiphonics” and keep her safe from the Patriots’ eyes.

korshimaKor Shi Ma

26 | Confed

In a perfect contrast and counterpoint to the wild vibrancy of Dyza’s lead guitar, Kor Shi Ma displays only the finest of his skills, perfected over a life in the Confed. During any performance, his fingers can be seen flying over the strings of his fiddle, his bow sweeping gracefully or cutting against the strings with perfect precision, and the music he produces is no less impressive.

Kor Shi Ma was drawn to the Confed at a relatively young age. He liked the idea of order, of purpose, of being given a task at which to excel. And anyone he’s served under will be quick to agree that excel is exactly what he does. Anything he sets his mind or hands to, Kor Shi Ma succeeds, usually with flying colors. But his success is not a mindless or mechanical endeavor. He’s driven–ambitious to improve himself in any way he can. It was this same drive that pushed him to pick up newer, more demanding skills. When a veteran in the Confed showed him the fiddle and displayed exactly how much skill was needed to master it, he took to it with vigor, wanting a bigger and more satisfying challenge. His passion for perfection quickly showed through in even his early practice. With a speed that would surprise only those unfamiliar with the driven young man, he became a master of the instrument. He can often be found practicing for hours at a time with nothing able to distract him, working his fingers to the bone to get every note perfectly in place, meticulously accurate and emotionally charged. Critics may say that his skill is wasted on the Harbingers, but he actually enjoys the challenge of making his precision and perfection blend seamlessly with the varied styles of the others. When he was offered a spot, he didn’t hesitate to accept. After all, the best way to display one’s acquired skill is by standing in the spotlight.

“Much like a wild animal, the fiddle doesn’t bend to the will of an amateur. It takes practice and experience to make it do what you want of it.” -an unsung hero

Special Quest: Tears For the Devil

Steeped in a brew of mystery, chaos, bloodshed, and ritual, the Royal Dragon marauders are rarely encountered. Their hideout is said to be buried in the blood red rocks of a northern mountain crest; a labyrinth that keeps their deadly prince and horde from the rest of the world. Who then would suspect that the quiet and severe Kor family was responsible for such a group when their eldest son galivants about with a fiddle for some obnoxious band of misfits? The Prince of the Royal Dragons is none other than Shi’s father, Kor Sen Ma. The Prince quite obviously does not approve of his son’s entanglement with the Harbingers, and has issued a deadly challenge for his spawn, claiming his exposure to the outside world has made him weak, pathetic, and predictable. He has sent his son the Dire Scale–a strange relic said to somehow be linked to the Dragons’ hideout. Sen has invited his son to find him at the labyrinth’s core, but this will take wit, bravery, skill… and a teammate who can be trusted to guard his back. Time is short however. The labyrinth is supposedly brewing with toxic overgrowth. This might hurt.

  • Use the lost Tec to navigate Kor Sen Ma’s labyrinth in time to spare Shi’s life and honor.


Ramos Lyle

22 | Patriots

Life has never been clean cut or friendly in Ramos’ opinion. His great great grandfather was a survivor of the Fall, and a man who cut his teeth on the new and terrifying changes that followed. There had never been room for lightness of heart, and the brooding seriousness that came from generation after generation of rugged survivors had always worn on him. So he branched off from his unallied settlement to find home among those who might appreciate his off-kilter humor and somewhat flippant coping methods. What he found instead was Rosie Perth. Rather, she found him.

Ramos wasn’t built as a hardened survivor like the rest of his family. Two days on his own had beaten him, bloodied him, and made him bitter. When the Patriots found him, it was on hostile terms. He was assumed a marauder. But broken, battered, and without a place to call home, Ramos’ situation struck Rosie’s weathered heart and she offered him refuge. With time and patience, Ramos found solace among the Patriots. His crude humor and wild abandonment, however, was not appreciated in working teams. Rosie presented him with an outlet for his nervous soul, introducing him to the rich, hearty tones of the bass alongside the bold reverberations of her tuba.

While his antics off the stage might be goofy and off-kilter, with Rosie’s help, Ramos has found acceptance and calm among the Harbingers. His easy, deep sounds support Rosie’s bellowing output and provide a harmony that finally proves he has somewhere to belong at her side.

“I’m probably not the best a this kind of thing… But the idea is that no one ever starts off the best. People make their own way, and whatever they come up with, hell, it’s art to someone, right?”

Unique Quest: Sticks and Stones

Ramos and Kor have been at it again. The two barely get along with one another off stage! Between Ramos’ offensive humor and Kor’s sheer lack of it, neither seems able or willing to bridge the gap between them. Luckily, Govind has just the solution; the Inferno. Not a literal Inferno, of course, but a gauntlet-style competition hosted by the Cartel that pits teams of two against one another for sublime prizes.Govind believes entering the pair into the Inferno will help them vent some frustration as well as learn to sync up a little better. However, due to the no-holds-barred nature of the competition, fatalities are common. For the sake of the beloved band members, sign up to test the obstacle course and eliminate any unsavory traps the competition might have rigged in. Of course, there’s more than one way to win a challenge…

  • Run the Inferno ahead of schedule; set your own traps/ bribe the ref to keep the band members safe/ eliminate competitor traps… or the competition itself.

dyzagreeneDyza Greene

19 | Freedom Fighters

As the youngest member of the jug band, Dyza Greene brings the jubilance of youth to the ensemble. More notable than her youthful optimism is her ability to “shred” on the guitar. Dyza’s colorful riffs and melodies shine out of the texture, generating forward momentum through every phrase. When another melody cuts through, the clear and articulate strumming of chords creates a driving support for her family of musicians. As a member of the Freedom Fighters, Dyza recognizes the values of family and working together as a unit. She knows that no one survives without unity, so she uses the blending nature of the guitar to bring her musical family together and to connect with their audience.

When Dyza was younger, she would listen to her father play the guitar at the end of the day. The soothing melodies and interplaying harmonies would wash away the strife of that day and give hope for tomorrow. When Dyza was old enough to pick up the guitar, she would spend hours plucking at the strings to find chords that appealed to her. When she would struggle and begin to get discouraged, her father would show her new chords and new techniques to improve her musicianship. At the age of 17, Dyza suffered through her father’s passing, sinking into a deep depression. The only resolve for the dissonance in her life was to play her father’s guitar and let the music take over her soul. As the sadness in her life was replaced with the joy of music, she began to realize the beauty of dissonance resolving to consonance. When she made the jug band her new family, she realized that music was meant to portray life. That we all go into a state of dissonance where the elements in our life clash, but when the elements separate and create space between each other, it creates a beautiful sound. She wants everyone she encounters to feel better about their world, and to know that family, whether blood or otherwise, is the only way to survive in this harsh existence.

“The world we live in may not be perfect, but when the world becomes perfect, even if for just a moment, the feeling of bliss takes over and we become happy. I hope to emulate that for all who hear our music.”

Unique Quest: …Survivors will be shot again

Dyza has never enjoyed violence. But Rosie has been missing for a while, and Dyza has a really good idea of where she’s gone. In defense of her band mate and mother figure, Dyza is willing to pull out her rifle after years of letting it sit in a corner as a reminder of alternative survival options. When it comes down to family, however, a Freedom Fighter never lets the fight come to them. So, you’re going to the fight.

  • Must have the Trespassers will be shot contract active] With Dyza laying down suppressive fire, infiltrate the old compound holding cells and retrieve Rosie dead or alive. Dyza’s sniper fire will only cover you up to the compound, infiltration and retrieval will be up to you.


“Tall” Norbin

26 | Desert Rats

Towering at the back of the jug band, Tall fills in the gaps in the rhythm and harmonies of his fellow bandmembers. No matter the tone of the song, or how brightly the others spark and shine, there’s something comfortingly constant about the way his keyboard is able to shift and adapt to make sure there’s never a dull moment, never an untextured moment. It’s not the most glorious position in the band, and he rarely holds the spotlight, but Tall excels at what he does.

It’s always been hard for Tall to fit in. Mostly because he stands at least a scruffy head higher than most everybody, but it’s far from the only reason. He’s usually quiet, the kind of odd, strained quiet that tends to make people uncomfortable, especially when coupled with the shifty way his eyes skitter over the things around him. When he talks, his word choice always strikes people a little strangely, like he spent too much time alone as a kid. Which is all true, but there’s more to him than that. Tall’s always been something of a dreamer, a wallflower of sorts who’s always just wanted a way to branch out.

He thought the Desert Rats would be the best route for that. He wasn’t far off, truth be told– the Rats gave him a sort of loose family that at least did their damnedest to keep from judging him for the way he lived his life. Unfortunately, Tall doesn’t exactly have a wide range of helpful skills. He’s always been gawky and gangly, and this lack of natural grace makes him less than helpful in a fight. He’s easily distracted, which isn’t conducive to scavenging. He means well, but good intentions don’t count for much out in the wastelands. So Tall had to find something else to give himself value to the people around him.

Music ended up being the thing that did it. He’s still awkward, still reserved, but people at least sometimes shoot him a smile or a nod. And he’s got friends now in the band, even if they aren’t the people he originally thought he’d fit in with. Now, Tall has the respect he needs and is providing a unique service to the rest of the world, offering distraction, hope, and unity.

“Times like these, music’s just as important as food. So even if I’m not out getting my hands dirty, I know I’m taking care of my family. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to do more than survive.”

Unique Quest: The Long Con

Though awkward and offbeat, Tall has typical romance from his past, too. It’s been years since he left the Desert Rats, but longer since he left her. He may not look it, but Tall was a married man of passionate love. The problem of course is that he loved a Desert Rat. The moment their agendas changed, she had a change of heart. And while he rushed off to find a place in life, she repossessed everything he owned, down to his only true companion–a charming dog fondly named “Long”.  Tall unfortunately isn’t a particularly brave man. Convincing Erica is going to take work or a lot of resources, especially since Long is a scavenging companion; priceless to a Desert Rat.

  • Be the wingman Tall needs; help him charm Erica Hyle out of what’s rightfully his… or steal it back for him.

govindezraGovind Ezra

22 | Steppe Tribes [Defector]; Shadow Walkers

While it’s true that members of the jug band are already a special slice of personality, Govind proves an especially wild, prismatic kind of entity. His participation in the band is characterized by swift, vibrant beats as he uses his drum to express the tempo of a chaotic life. While a musician at heart, Govind actually specializes as an assassin. It’s not a particularly broadcast skill, but for those who note his Shadow Walkers tattoo and easy handling of both drumsticks and knives, the duality is as bewildering as it is bewitching.

Govind has not always been trapped in the façade of a flippant musician. Originally a hunter for the Steppe Tribes, he displayed incredible promise as a future Elder. Some would call him an incredible source of offhanded wisdom. However, Govind is an independent soul whose sometimes spontaneous life decisions were considered a dangerous practice by his kin.

After being taken aside by his Tribe Elder, Govind was granted a rare opportunity to excel in the ranks earlier than anticipated by taking a tribe of his own–an offer made by the Elders in hopes of helping calm his rampaging spirit. The proposal was not well received by the young, wild man. Forsaking tribe and rule, he defected to an ominous marauder group for the following three years only to end up on Freedom Fighter territory. It was there he listened to the jug band misfits filling the settlement with their unique sound. After only a brief exchange with the cunning Dyza Greene, Govind found himself nestled safely alongside the new clique. His new family asks no questions about his past, nor assumes his future. It’s the easy kind of freelance lifestyle Govind has always craved, making him loyal to a fault.

“The world needs music like it needs heros–not at all. But without it, no one knows how to reconnect unlike elements, harmonize chaos, or accept imperfections as art.”

Unique Contract: Discordant Harmony

Govind has been long departed from the Steppe Tribes, but there is still a piece of his soul that calls the tribes home. As he nears the boundaries of his life expectancy, he grows wistful, thinking back to the Elders’ offer of a tribe of his own. While he can never return to the faces and values he exchanged for his own sense of freedom, he aches to show his lingering gratitude to the jug band as well as express the roots of his culture. If there were some way to garner enough favor with the Elders to entice them to extend their blessing over the band, he would feel truly resolved.

  • Build enough Rep. with the Steppe Tribes to receive the Elders’ blessing and sigil of protection on behalf of Govind.