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Everyone loves adventure and excitement on holidays. Part of the joy of going on holiday is experiencing things that you wouldn?t normally Cool Base Jhoulys Chacin Jersey , and trying activities that really get your heart pumping. While most are completely safe and secure, some include an element of risk that often forms the excitement of the whole experience. We count down the top five, and explain why getting some travel insurance on these holidays is a fairly good idea?

5. Diving and Undersea Exploration

Diving is amazing fun and is enjoyed world wide by a huge amount of people. However, very few would go diving without some form of travel insurance. Diving holidays usually include some kind of insurance as standard, but it?s a good idea to top it up. Travel insurance is necessary when diving because of the hazards involved in submerging yourself several metres under the water, often surrounded by exotic, beautiful, but sometimes deadly sea life. It?s highly unlikely that anything will go wrong, but just in case it does it?s best to have holiday insurance when you go diving.

4. Potholing

Potholing is a raw, adrenaline pumping sport that takes you into the depths and crevasses of the earth and is sometimes mixed with diving or breathing equipment of some sort. The narrow tunnels and twisting shafts are not for the faint hearted or claustrophobic, and potholers should definitely be covered, even if with some cheap travel insurance to top up that which the sport?s organiser should provide.

3. Climbing and Mountain Climbing

There is minimal holiday insurance on wall and rock climbing abroad as standard. However, depending on the size of rock and the incline, it?s a good idea to get more; climbing a mountain in Nepal or a high grade cliff in the Rocky mountains will require much more travel insurance than going up a five foot climbing wall in a holiday resort.

2. Paragliding or parachuting

Paragliding, parachuting or anything involving you, canvas and nothing but hundreds of feet between you and the ground is most likely going to involve some sort of travel insurance. The dangers inherent in jumping out of an aeroplane, off a large rock or in some cases, i.e. base jumping, off a (hopefully very tall) building require you to be financially covered for any mistakes. As with all of the above, it is highly unlikely that anything will happen other than you having an amazing experience. However, it is much better for your piece of mind to have these financial, as well as the usual physical, safeguards in place.

1. Bungee jumping

No on in their right minds would go bungee jumping without travel insurance. An amazing adrenaline rush and a great life experience, it is none the less dangerous; you are jumping off a bridge with some strong elastic tied to your feet. The possibilities for complications with unfortunate results are unlikely, but there is still a chance. We highly recommend topping up any insurance that you already have for the jump with some more holiday insurance.
Kasha Iverson
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