NBA 2K breaks MyTeam completely for the second consecutive year

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NBA 2K breaks MyTeam completely for the second consecutive year

Post by cheapbuymxcna » Fri May 17, 2019 1:24 am

NBA 2K has just announced a special collection of Michael Jordan for MyTeam in which there is a perfect Mike, that is, with maximum skill in all sections of the game. Unlike FIFA, where FUT is the quintessential competitive mode, NBA2K has in the NBA2K League and the 5vs5 franchise mode, its professional niche. This means that 2K Sports has no ties to competitive integrity in its collectible card mode, but perhaps this Jordan has surpassed the line of admissibility. A total of five versions of the greatest baloonist in history have reached MyTeam with these Signature Series. One of 92 on average, another of 95, another more than 98 and two of 99. These last two are qualified as Opal Galaxy, the maximum in the gemological scale that NBA2K has been using for a long time in its basketball video game to qualify the players that appear on the cards.

It is not crazy that cards appear with an average of 99, in fact, in the FIFA Ultimate Team this year there are up to four (Messi, Modric and Cristiano TOTY and Messi TOTY UCL); however, none of them has similar numbers among the hidden statistics after that average. The edition Signature Limited of Jordan, that is to say, the superior of the two Opal Galaxy, has the maximum of score in each and every one of the luck of the game. The truth is that there is a precedent in NBA 2K. Last year, a LeBron James Signature Series of 99 on average and with the maximum in all abilities was launched. However, he did not have all his badges (passive skills such as corner specialist or tireless shooter) at the highest level, Hall of Fame. Jordan does have each and every one of his 30 badges with the purple HOF. As if this were not enough, Jordan has a complete heat map, while LeBron James made him a little worse in the left area of the light bulb. Buy NBA 2K19 MT with Professional Service Online, at is Security and Fast Delivery Guaranteed.

Quickly, the users of the game have begun to make jokes about what this letter of Jordan implies. Using the title of the film summit of the UCM Infinity Saga, several refer to this means that we are already in the Endgame, that is, the end of the game life. Others use Oh shit, here we go again . by CJ in GTA San Andreas, and how fashionable it is, to show that we are in the same situation as with LeBron last year. Although most worrying of all is that the LeBron Signature Series last year came at the beginning of August when there were just weeks to have the new game in our hands. That had a component of tribute to James that lacks a perfect Michael Jordan that comes with the NBA still in full conference semifinals and many months of life of NBA 2K19.

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Re: NBA 2K breaks MyTeam completely for the second consecutive year

Post by Mary M » Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:24 am

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