upload your presentation to the server where

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upload your presentation to the server where

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Six Steps to Creating Online Presentations for Telephone Selling Marketing Articles | September 13 Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , 2004
How much extra money could you make by closing just one or two ... sales a day? You can double, or even triple, the ... of your ... selling by showing ... why they should

How much extra money could you make by closing just one or two additional sales a day? You can double, or even triple, the effectiveness of your telephone selling by showing prospects why they should buy from you Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , instead of just telling them.

Clients and prospects are visually oriented. They process and retain 75% of the
information they see, compared to about 15% of the information they hear.
There are six steps involved in preparing online visuals you and your prospects can look at online during telephone conversations and teleconferences.

Step 1: Desired result

Start by identifying what you want to accomplish during each phone call. Ask yourself:

?What is the primary message I want to communicate?
?What action do I want my client or prospect to take?
?What information can I provide to convince them to take the desired action?

Your answers to these questions will provide the framework you need to begin preparing for your upcoming calls.

Step 2: Benefits

Next, translate your product or service into benefits they will enjoy if they take the action you want them to take. Identify as many different ways as possible your product or service can benefit your client. Be as specific as possible.

Step 3: Framework

Open your presentation program and create an ?empty? set of visuals to support your upcoming calls. This will provide a framework for developing your telephone sales presentation.

Don?t be concerned the contents of each visual. At this point, don?t stop to fill in the details for each visual. Simply create an empty presentation visual and title for each of the points you want to cover in your upcoming telephone calls.

Hint: You may want to create a template with placeholder visuals to help quickly prepare future presentations.

Step 4: Provide proof

Next, go through your presentation framework and complete each of the visuals by adding appropriate text and graphics. As you complete each visual Wholesale NFL Jerseys , strive to make your benefits as specific and as visual as possible. Translate your products or services into added dollars and cents revenue, reduced costs, or time savings.

Whenever possible, show, rather than tell. Translate words into information graphics Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping , like tables, charts, and graphs, to emphasize:
?Comparisons, i.e. before and after revenues or expenditures of time and money.
?Trends Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , i.e. growing market share.

Add photographs to personalize and reinforce case studies and testimonials. Use logos, rather than words, to emphasize case studies and satisfied clients.

Step 5: Contingency visuals

Next, prepare to respond to objections that prospects may bring up during your calls.

Start by identifying the possible objections that prospects might come up. Determine how to respond to each one. Then, prepare visuals that will only be used if your prospect brings the specific objection up.

Typical objections concern price Wholesale Jerseys From China , competitive features, ease of use, and economic uncertainty.

Step 6: Upload and rehearse

After reviewing your work, use your presentation program?s Save as... command to save your presentation in the appropriate online format.

Then, upload your presentation to the server where you and your prospects can access it online during calls.

Rehearse your presentation Wholesale Jerseys China , until you can comfortably proceed from point to point, and easily access the contingency visuals, (if needed).

Consider your web-based presentations a ?work in progress? that you continually update and refine. Prepare additional visuals as new objections come up. And prepare personalized slide titles and visuals for specific clients and prospects.

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