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Mike Weiser

CEO, Lead Game Designer, Executive Producer

Location: Arizona, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: (Board Game) Avalon Hills Civilization (Miniature War Gaming) Warhammer 40k
Favorite Video Game: (MMO) Dark Age of Camelot (Single Player) XCom Series
About: Outside of making or modifying rules sets for games, I like to miniature war game (from Ancients to Warhammer 40k), painting miniatures, riding motorcycle and spending time with my family.
Past games I created: 1997 Fallen Heroes (Format: PC, Computer Gaming World strategy game of the year), 1995 Ruinsworld (format: collectable card game).

Dustin Kasprzak

Game Director

Location: Arizon, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Risk
About: Next to 3D Modeling/Texturing, I like to be outdoors, at the dunes/on the lake/anything outside is enjoyable…just not always in 120 degree heat!t!

Arthur Tomlinson IV

Creative Director

Location: Arizona, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Warhammer 40k
Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts
About: I came here to make games and really stupid and esoteric references.s.

Samantha Hampton

Animaton & Rigging Team Lead

Location: Kansas, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Dungeons & Dragons
Favorite Video Game: Frogger, Myst, Second Life, WOW, Elder Scrolls, BioShock, Destiny, OverWatch, Etc Etc
About: Outside of work I like to ride motorcycles, camp, sleep, and lots of movies

Justin Yong

Animation/Rigging Assitant Team Lead

Location: California, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Chess
Favorite Video Game: Rainbow Six Siege, Alliance of Valiant Arms
About: I enjoy experimenting with rigging techniques to discover new and creative ways to set-up characters and scenes for animation. In my spare time, I play several different multiplayer games with a small group of friends.

Sierra Hawkins

Animation & Rigging Assistant Team Lead

Location: Missouri, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: E.R.S & Mr. President
Favorite Video Game: Minecraft, Elder Scrolls Online, an Ark: Survival Evolved
About: I’m a Full Sail Graduate. During my time at Full Sail I became aware of and appreciated all of the work that goes into creating the video games my peers and I had loved to play. I want to work with others to create a game that inspires other people to learn how to animate!! When I’m not Animating or drawing I like to longboard around town an try my luck skateboarding at a various skateparks!   

David Farmer

Animation & Rigging Assistant Team Lead

Location: Texas, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Magic the Gathering
Favorite Video Game: Spyro, Jak and Daxter, Kingdom Hearts
About: Outside of work and animating I enjoy games, movies, and cooking.

Joseph Parente

Character Assets & Organic Team Lead

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game:Whales Tales
Favorite Video Game: Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy 9, Super Smash Brothers 64
About: Lot’s of concerts and festivals.  Big movie buff.  Working hard, so I can travel all over.

Amber Bettis

Character Assets Asst Team Lead

Location: Arizona, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Abalone
Favorite Video Game: Super Mario Bros.
About: I’m an artist who will take any opportunity available to learn new skills. When I’m not making art I love to watch movies, read books, play games, and travel as much as I can.

Damien Devio

Organic Modeling Assistant Team Lead

Location: Michigan, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Dominion, Boss Monster, and Uchre
Favorite Video Game: Dark Souls, Dust Force, and Spyro
About: Being a pretty laid back individual myself, there’s nothing better than kicking back with a good beer and a good game that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. Not much else matters besides that Szechuan Sauce Morty!

Ariel Toledo-Peluso

Organic Modeling Assitant Team Lead

Location: Florida, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Dungeons & Dragons
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy XIV & Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Age Series, Persona Series
About: I feel like I’m always creating something, whether through drawing, digital modeling, writing, or sewing. When not working or pursuing my hobbies, I enjoy the company of my family, my dogs, and whatever game I seem to find myself immersed in.

Andres Rea

Organic Modeling Assitant Team Lead

Location: California, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity
Favorite Video Game: Metal Gear Series, Grand Theft Auto, Heart of Darkness, Super Mario Bros
About: I like to relax hang back see some movies and of course play some games. If I’m not doing any of that I like so sculpt my pants off.

Ken Echard

Coders Team Lead

Location: New York, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: D&D or Magic the Gathering
Favorite Video Game: The Last of Us, Final Fantasy 7
About: Enjoys spending time outside when not programming or playing video games. Most important things: Family, Friends, and Games, maybe a different order.

Jere Miles

Coders Assistant Team Lead

Location: North Carolina, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: D&D, Traveller, One Night, Battlestar Galactica, Sheriff of Nottingham, Settlers of Cataan
Favorite Video Game: Civilization series, X-Com series, Jagged Alliance series, The Division, Motorsport Manager, Tomb Raider, KOTOR
About: I enjoy reading, especially science fiction and building scale models, have been working on a wooden model of the HMS Endeavour for awhile now.  I’ve also been working on rebuilding my wife’s Mitsubishi Eclipse for awhile, no it is not going well, but one day that project may be finished.  Beyond that travelling is really rewarding: trying new foods, seeing new things, experiencing new cultures, and sampling local wines.

Miguel Alcantara

Coders Assistant Team Lead

Location: Puerto Rico
Favorite Non-Video Game: Chess
Favorite Video Game: Dark Souls series, Star Craft, Halo series, Battlefield series
About: When I’m not playing video games I enjoy programming, playing with my cat, and spending time with my family and friends. I’m also a car enthusiast who loves racing.

Jonathan Torres

Concept Art Team Lead

Location: California, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Dungeons and Dragons
Favorite Video Game: The Elder Scroll Series
About: I love to paint and draw. Outside of digital work I like to oil paint and sketch. I also like watching movies, playing games, and BBQing.

Kevin Griffith

Concept Team Assistant Team Lead

Location: Maryland, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Hungry Hungry Hippos, Connect Four and Go (because I don’t know how to play it and that fascinates me)
Favorite Video Game: Zelda: Link to the Past and the entire Resident Evil series
About: Outside of painting beautiful works of art I am a huge gym rat and aesthetics trainer.

GiaLer Liew

Concept Team Assistant Team Lead

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Favorite Non-Video Game: Durak
Favorite Video Game: Tales series, Final Fantasy Tactics, League of Legends
About: I have been drawing as long as i can recall and i’m certain that i’ll let my dream see the light of day in years to come!

Nathan Clark

Hard Surface Modeling Team Lead

Location: Oklahoma, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Chess, Monopoly
Favorite Video Game:: Zelda: Twilight Princess, Skyrim, Warframe, Total Annihilation
About: I’ve always had a fascination with 3d modeling, even back in the 90s when I dabbled around in it using an archaic little program called HamaPatch. Being able to create something was always my goal for a career, and 3D work seems to be a rather pure form of it to me. When I am not working I am playing games, watching streamers play games, or watching movies. Now and then I go back to my 2D art as well.

Charles Shade II

Hard Surface Modeling Assistant Team Lead

Location: Florida, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Pictionary
Favorite Video Game:: Grand Theft Auto V 
About: I grew up in rural Pennsylvania then came to Florida for college. My day-job is working in the sim industry, and I draw, or tinker with my car when I have spare time.

William Kelshaw

Hard Surface Modeling Assistant Team Lead

Location: Oklahoma, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game:
Favorite Video Game:

Monica Weiser

HR & Clerical

Location: Arizona, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Apples to Apples
Favorite Video Game: Diablo series
About: When not working on paperwork for the team, spending time with my family, camping, riding motorcycle.

Aaron Billups

Level Design Team Lead

Location: Missouri, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Betrayal at the House on the Hill
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VII & IX, Silent Hill 2, Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Parasite Eve, Siren 4,  Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, World of Warcraft.
About: I’m a Full Sail University Game Design B.S. graduate, a hobby metal vocalist, a husband, a father, an avid writer, a horror movie fanatic, and an obsessive gamer.  Whether I am designing, writing, or performing, I am constantly expressing myself creatively because that creative expression is the driving force behind everything that I do.  When I am not working you’ll find me reading, writing, playing games, or making music.

David Laws

Level Design Assistant Team Lead

Location: Washington, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Magic the Gathering, Chess, Shogi
Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda series, League of Legends, Dark Souls series, Civ V
About: I love games. Playing them, reading about them, watching them, and sometimes even making them. Otherwise, I enjoy spending time watching anime and Netflix, chatting with friends, reading, and the occasional walk in the park.

John Brazzell

Level Design Assistant Team Lead

Location: New York, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Last Night On Earth
Favorite Video Game: Max Payne 3
About: I’m a Full Sail University Game Design B.S. graduate and a lifelong gamer. Outside of playing video games I enjoy hiking, watching movies, and playing board games. In addition to my work here I love creating smaller prototypes to expand my game design skill set.

William Nixon

PR/Marketing Team Lead

Location: West Virginia, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Rummy
Favorite Video Game: Xenogears. It’s hands down the most heavily story driven game I’ve ever played.
About: I’m a former retail manager that loves a new challenge. Outside of spending time with my friends and family, I’m an avid gamer, enjoy everything computer and technology, love to cook, love music even more, and to watch new indie horror movies.

Adam Antonetti

PR/Marketing Assistant Team Lead

Location: Arizona, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Werewolf
Favorite Video Game: Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy 7 & Metal Gear Solid
About: Love playing games, but also enjoy playing numerous sports like Football, Softball, Frisbee Golf, Bowling, & Kickball.

Andrew Dean

PR/Writing Team Lead

Location: Ontario, Canada
Favorite Non-Video Game: 7th Sea
Favorite Video Game: Extremely difficult question for me. I grew up through the golden age. Final Fantasy 4, King’s Quest Series, Space Quest Series, Baldur’s Gate, the list goes on and on. Anything with a really good story.
About: Proud husband and father. I have a varied background, lived around the world, worked in law enforcement, and in the gaming industry. I believe that all good games start with a solid story. As a writer, I think in cinematic images. My goal is to completely immerse my reader in the story, but to leave enough mystery to allow the reader to conjure up their own fantasy.

Kimball Coffin

PR/Writing Assistant Team Lead

Location: Idaho, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: D&D
Favorite Video Game: Magicka, Portal, Mark of the Ninja, League of Legends
About: I am married with two boys (one and three years old), and I look forward to corrupting them with glorious gaming culture at an early age. I am a creative writer of several years, and soon a graduate of the Game Design BSA from Full Sail. I perish quickly if I lack a creative outlet, so I often find myself writing, designing game concepts, crafting with my hands, playing music, or making pixel art/animations in my free time (though gaming is typically my go-to).

Brandel Chamblee Jr

Sound/FX Team Lead

Location: Arizona, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Chess, Cards or soccer
Favorite Video Game: The Mass Effect Series or The Total War Series
About: I’ve always enjoyed large projects such as this one. Aside from that, movies, gaming, and academics are the arbiters of my time, and of course family and friends are welcome throughout any day.

Alfred Brown

Sound/FX Assistant Team Lead

Location: New York, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Pente or Set
Favorite Video Game: Goldeneye 64
About: I enjoy spending time with my family, inventing sounds, and playing and building banjos.

Joshua Goodwin

Sound/Music Team Lead

Location: Washington, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Coup
Favorite Video Game: Journey, Mass Effect Series, Halo Series
About: I went into video game music to help tell awesome stories that can’t be told in any other media. Outside of games I love robotics and engineering, cooking, and hiking.

Moises I.Garcia

Sound/Music Assistant Team Lead

Location: California, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Pokémon Card Game
Favorite Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening/Ocarina of Time, Rainbow Six Seige, The Witcher 1-3
About: Full Sail University graduate with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Recording Arts. Guitarist, Violinist, Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist. I love to implement and make music, sound design, and audio for various mediums to create a sense of hyperrealism.

David Gonzalez

Sound/VO Team Lead

Location: Arizona, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Monopoly
Favorite Video Game: Batman Arkham Series
About: I love the read comics on my spare time, puzzles, playing video games, film making, watching movies, and spending time with family.

Adam Hackett

Sound/VO Assistant Team Lead

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Magic: The Gathering
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy franchise
About: Drummer, Pianist, and occasionally Composer of music. I enjoy listening to music, gaming, and my work in the Audio

Elsie Rivest

Texture Team Lead

Location: Quebec, Canada
Favorite Non-Video Game: Scrabble
Favorite Video Game: Fallout 3, the Witcher’s series, Dishonored, the Elder’s Scroll series, borderlands first one, left 4 dead one and two and Bioshock.
About: What makes me happy aside from making cool character’s, is walking in the woods, bike riding, pushing myself at the gym, drinking a good bottle of wine and watching a crazy special effect’s movie.

Devin L. Gee

Texture Assistant Team Lead

Location: California, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Outside activates with my family
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy Tactics
About: I am a recent grad from Academy of Art University.  Married to my high school sweet heart.  I have three kids that I love to spend time with. Outside of spending time with my family,  I like to watch movies, play card games and play video games.

Kyle James

Texture Assistant Team Lead

Location: New Mexico, United States
Favorite Non-Video Game: Monopoly and Life
Favorite Video Game: Halo series, The Witcher series, Resident Evil series, Aliens Versus Predator classic, X-com UFO defense, Singularity, Battlefield, Dead Space, Elder Scrolls, Deus Ex & Fallout series, and many others.
About: I love drawing, been drawing since I was a young lad. I also like to explore on occasion as well. Absolutely love science fiction and very well composed stories, huge fan of technology too.

Dylan Bruno

Texture Assistant Team Lead

Location: Florida, USA
Favorite Non-Video Game: Arkham Horror and Warhammer 40k
Favorite Video Game: : Resident Evil (the early ones!), Silent Hill 2, Parasite Eve, Second Life, and Deadly Premonition
About: I’m a Full Sail graduate with a passion for characters, as well as bringing models to life with great textures!  My hobbies include [obsessively] playing Second Life, creating mesh assets for my SL marketplace, listening to music, snuggling my five cats and squirrel, and collecting skulls and insects.

Ali Ahmadi

VFX Team Lead

Location: Shiraz, Iran
Favorite Non-Video Game: Cards, Chess, Backgammon, I migrated early on to Video games!!!
Favorite Video Game: (PC) DMC, Inversion , FIFA , Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, COD, Machinarium, Stronghold, Demigod, Dark Siders, Gears of War, Limbo, etc. (Mobile) Vain Glory, Clash royal.
About: outside of game development, I am a filmmaker, I write, sketch, I like to do a lot of fun things. Music always interests me. If I get a chance I will go out, sometimes Football, sometimes nature adventures. Like to read, and obviously watching movies a lot. Guess who is the first immortal??, Me, Gilgamesh \m/


Brendan Phillips
John Owen
Michael Deibler
Hemal Patel
Kyle Clapper
Jere Miles
Thomas Selby Jr.
Joshua Progar
Nick Penney
Wayne Work
Zachary Sewell

Concept Artists

Ben Schultz
Neil Que
Sandra Guja
Zachary R. Hill
Joshua A. Wilson
Matthew Lewis
Jonathan Lareva
Danielle Hodges
Kamila Podlipska
Seany Snow Tyler


Eric Price
Leonid Leviant
Eric Mareth
Jean-Pierre DePriest
Ethan Ishmael LeBlanc
Allen Artis
Justin Yong
Celica Torres
Javier Davila
Christopher Ritter
Amanda Kern
Samantha Brooks
David Keating
Sabrina Ussery
Brandon Burroughs
Cory Scheerer
Giovanni V. Nicolia
Taylor Langel
Christopher Yee
Jarrett Heintz
Patrick Wise
Craig Massa
Ruben Cabrera

Hard Surface Modelers

Sung -Chu Liao
Ali Ahmadi
Patrick Velena
Justin Lefever
Alex Natali
Doua Philippe Gue
Nicholas Keating
Ricardo Perez Rosete
Shanel McCall
Talha Shaikh
Robert Askew
Serhii Denysenko
Andres F. Vizoso
Richard Slugoski Jr
Angel Williams
Nicholas Zeller
Corey D Barragan
Muhammad Muzammil

Modular Modelers

Character Asset Modelers

Hany Betro
Danelle Prescott
Estacio Ramalho
Chun Zhenhui
Jarret C. Vignone
Anton Caguioa

Organic Modelers

Gudjon Agnarsson
Heller Jaimes
Basem Shenouda
Dixon Castro
Tuncer A. Oguz
Michael Long
Kirill Zakalin
Jonah Hardy
NIcholas Burry
Criselides Lima
Elina Yang
Ryan Zarzecki
Marcos Cattani
German Pablo Cazes

Scene Editors

Elmo Diaz
Shaun Wintzell
Heather Overstreet
Dale Day
Paul Barnard
Aleksandr Atayan
David Hyland

Texture Artists

Adam Grewal
Charles Linde
George Mason Graham
Raz Herstig
Sergio Piedra
Stephen McCoy
Samuel Wong
Anastasia Karnaukh
Miguel Garcia
David N. Rose
Adam Ludwiczak
Valerie Kramin
Sarah Aldrich
Christina Sewell
Jacob Spooner
Christian Javier Amadeo-Florit
Cheyenne Deckard

Sound FX

Justin Thomas
Reinaldo Gonzalez Jr.
Justin Hubbard
Shawn Carpenter
Curry Colvin
Gavin T. Booth


Joshua Weesner
Brandon Camacho
Clay Blasser
David Harms
Jerry Sirbaugh
John Weston Earp
Jordan Beckett
Andrea Bellucci

Voice Over

Michael Gonzalez
Jarrod Robbins
Brandon Camacho
Jessie Lee Pauli
Sophia Katabelle Crane
Mary Ann Pianka
Frank Wartinger
Terah Woodley
Jamora Gibson
Bryson Weiser
Stanley Johnson Jr.
Michael Welker
Dylan Benson
Elizabeth McCarthy
Carmen Sharafeldeen
Jordan Boatman
Chessa Metz
Ruby Castellanos
Margaret Gayford
Sherisse’ Woodley
Ariel Blake
Robin Christian-McNair
Leslie Starr O'Hara


Patrick Bean
Billy Hatfield
Lauren Payne
Rebecca Bartlett
Lucas Stram

Marketing & PR

Jeffrey Schierer
Andrew Fultz
William Nixon
Amanda Kiesling
Jaime Ortiz


Casey Paiz
Jacob Wells
Hunter Hansen