Razor Edge Games Mourns the Loss of Sean Campbell


Beloved Design Team Lead Passes Away Suddenly

We lost our dear friend Sean Campbell on October 17, 2022.

One of the most heartbreaking experiences in one's life is death - words cannot fully express the sorrow and loss we all feel here at Razor Edge Games.

Everyone here at Razor Edge Games viewed Sean as the heart and soul of our Design Team. Sean poured his heart and soul into REG, Eden Falling, and the future IPs. Much of the lore was either written by or approved by Sean.

We will all cherish the many days and nights of clever banter and thoughtful insights he shared. He was always ready with a kind ear and a good-hearted joke keeping morale up.He was a mentor, a teacher, a source of experience, and an inspiration here at REG and in his other communities.

He was an exceptionally talented and hardworking writer. He encouraged others to create and always had a positive and supportive demeanor.

He loved his amazing family dearly. He spoke of them often and with love and humor, always. He was so kind to share pictures of many of their joyous adventures, celebrations, and moments of joy and laughter just being together.

Sean also created one of the most original Sci-Fi comics - The Ferryman. Unfortunately, his untimely passing will leave the series incomplete; it is remarkable nonetheless.He was a shining example of not feeling sorry for oneself.

He was a pillar of strength, sharp wit, talent, goodheartedness, kindness, patience, and integrity. Sean was always making everyone laugh, sometimes to the point of tears. He was so humble, positive, and full of life. He had a knack for always helping others see the humor in life.

We hope Sean knew how much he meant to us here at Razor Edge Games.

This world is better because he was here.

We here at Razor Edge Games will miss him dearly.