October 19, 2023
Celebrating 9 years Razor Edge Games

Razor Edge Games Marks 9 Years of Boundary-Pushing Gaming

A pioneering force in the gaming industry, Razor Edge Games is delighted to announce the celebration of its 9th anniversary. We are extremely grateful to our team members, gamers around the world who not only find REG games interesting but have continuously trusted this brand to keep inspiring their gaming experience. We are dedicating our tenth year to releasing our very first product Eden Falling.
January 3, 2023

REGGIE Awards 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 REGGIE Award recipients
October 19, 2022

Razor Edge Games Mourns the Loss of Sean Campbell

We lost our dear friend Sean Campbell on October 17, 2022. We here at Razor Edge Games will miss him dearly. We hope Sean knew how much he meant to us here at Razor Edge Games. This world is better because he was here.
October 19, 2022

Dev Journal: An HDRP Update From The Level Design Team

Hey all, we just wanted to give everyone a quick update on where the Level Design team stands regarding the big HDRP upgrade that we talked about in our last dev journal! We are still working to get all that was in our previous demo updated while adding in a bit more polish as we go.
May 31, 2022

Razor Edge Games: Eden Falling NFTs Are On Sale Now At Epik Prime

The Cartel collection of Eden Falling NFTs are now on sale over at Epik Prime, get yours now before they sell out!