A Cinematic Tabletop Experience

Armed with an array of camera perspectives, finally experience a tabletop-based game as a cinematic journey. Watch your character interact with their environment from 1st person, over the shoulder, 3rd person, field, and bullet cameras.

Be part of the Afterfall...



Asteroid 410777 destroyed all known civilization. Alien spores infect much of the planet, mutating or destroying all they come in contact with. The Afterfall has not been kind to the survivors, but humanity does not go down easy. Having been reduced to a race of scavengers, they scrounge through the remnants of once great civilizations in search of forgotten wonders. Factions have risen and vie for control, each with their own ideals. Join them and forge your destiny as a citizen of the Afterfall – discover technological wonders, overcome impossible odds and bring humanity back from the brink of extinction.


Meet The Factions


Destiny Points

Death is the end of most stories, but with Destiny Points you can gain an extra chance to keep your story going. Destiny Points allow you to reroll any action or event that affects your character or companion. These can be used to make that vital shot hit, or to dodge that deadly bullet!


As with all things, life has an end. Whether it be from a horrible wound, illness, or just old age. Your character will eventually die. But fear not! With our legacy system, you can easily take up the adventure in the name of your character by continuing on with one of your companions.

Character Aging

Your characters age in this game. This unique aging system not only shows your character visibly aging, but actually affects your character’s skills and abilities as they get older.


All aspects of your character from their personal features, clothing, equipment, weapons, and vehicles, are fully customizable. Want armor plates on your hard-earned buggy? Customize it!

Weapon Modifications

With an in-depth modification system, you can add a one of a kind feel to your favorite weapon. Prefer your assault rifle with an extended magazine? Need that scope to make sure your long-range shots hit? Find the parts and you can build it.

Skill System

Be whoever, and whatever you want. With a robust and unique skill system, you can create any variation of individual that you want. As you use your skills they level up, but at the same time, if you neglect them, you might forget some of what you learned.

Companion System

You don’t have to travel alone after the fall. By earning enough reputation, you can easily gain companions that will join you on your adventures. As you travel with your companion, you can tailor them to suit your needs, and teach them some of the skills that you have learned along the way. Eventually, they might be the one that avenges you and carries on in your name!