First In game Footage & Cinematics


Hello again,

Its been some time since my last post.

The Team (160+) and I have been very busy working on our internal playable demo and getting ready to show our 1st in game footage to the public. The plan is to have the footage & 1st cinematics available real soon, as we begin the official start of promoting the game, Eden Falling publically.

Over the last few months we have completely revamped the interface and look of the game, going with very highly detailed immersive scenes, first envisioned by our Concept Team, then created and brought to life by many of our other teams to give us a look and feel that allows for close in camera angles on our characters and environment, keeping the player constantly immersed in the environment making for a remarkably believable game world.

We have added a lot of very talented industry professionals and aspiring new talent to our team that have allowed us to make this jump in quality, vastly out doing the look of what we had earlier this year.

The Sound FX & Music Dept. has produced dozens of songs, FX and Voice Overs scripted by our Writing Team to bring our world alive. Our Modelers have produced some very exceptional creatures and props, which are brought to life by our Texture Team and of course our Animation Team, which is well on track to out due even the best RPG's animation seen in todays games. Lastly our Coding team is hammering away creating the game, the rules and adding elements I wanted to see in this game, many which have not been seen in any game produced to this day.

Soon we here at Razor Edge Games will be proud to show you the results of our latest endeavors. We all feel 2016 will be a great year to start the Epocylipse.