Razor Edge Games to establish its HQ in Gilbert Arizona
as it works to deliver its visionary title

Eden Falling

The company’s ambitious first title, Eden Falling, is set to enter Early Access in 2020

[Updated, 19th February] 13th February 2020 - Gilbert, AZ - Independent game developer Razor Edge Games has announced that it is set to deliver its first game, Eden Falling, into Steam Early Access in 2020. As part of the game’s production and future projects, the company is to create its headquarters and hire and train new employees in the State of Arizona.

Razor Edge Games’ first title is Eden Falling, a vast post-apocalyptic RPG. Co-Founder, Mike Weiser (Fallen Heroes, 1996), has been developing the game for four years, building the studio into a globe-spanning team of around 160 part-time employees working remotely across 14 time zones. The modular system the team has created allows for rapid environment generation, with the base game’s Territory including over 3000 areas, with every player experiencing a unique persistent world-map. This system allows the team to develop environments at increased speed, which will be used to deliver expansion Territories of the same scale and scope to players at a later date as DLC.

To deliver Eden Falling to Early Access in 2020, Razor Edge Games will be aided by tax incentives from the Arizona Commerce Authority. The company is eligible for these incentives over a five-year period to establish its HQ and hire and train new staff in Arizona State. The company will also be aided by the Town of Gilbert to build its HQ in the city. The studio will initially house 40 full-time employees and be at the heart of Eden Falling’s development, completing the initial release, continuing working on the planned eight expansions and beginning development of the studio’s second planned original IP. 

Razor Edge Games is now beginning its second round of investor funding to help bring the game to the full release on Steam in the next 12 months.