Introducing the First Eden Falling NFT Set: The Cartel

Hosted by Epik Prime 

Earlier this week, we officially announced our exciting partnership with Epik Prime to release a collection of NFTs based on our upcoming game, Eden Falling!  

Not only do these NFTs represent a way for us to remain completely financially and creatively independent as a studio, but they are also an exciting new avenue for us to expand the vast lore of our world into a fresh medium where you can explore the various factions and marauder gangs that will appear in Eden Falling when it launches.

We want to reiterate that our NFTs do not, in any way, represent a pay-to-win structure within Eden Falling.

Now, let’s meet the group that will be the focus of our first NFT drop. The people who will do whatever it takes to mend the fractures in The Afterfall’s political landscape and hunt down the lost secrets of the Old World.

Prepare to meet The Cartel.

First, we have a masterful deal broker who is renowned for his diplomatic skills amidst the turbulent political arena of The Afterfall. Meet the analytical, tech-savvy Director of the operation: Marcus Beckett.



Next up is a woman who is cold, detached, and ruthlessly efficient in achieving The Cartel’s goals. Referred to by some as “Beckett’s Shadow” with equal measures of respect and fear, meet Marcus’ Deputy Director and the yin to his yang: Sophia Hernandez.


The Cartel maintains a vast network of civilian operatives embedded throughout The Afterfall. Leveraging their positions in their respective settlements and organizations, these assets discreetly collect information for The Cartel and find ways to further the group’s agenda. Meet one of the best field agents around (but don’t blow her cover!): Lucy Russo.


Maintaining a vast network of field agents is no easy task, and operatives like Lucy heavily rely on a complex supply chain of resources. Responsible for keeping The Cartel running like a well-oiled machine, this man oversees the logistics needed to supply The Cartel’s assets with weapons, food, training supplies, safehouses, and whatever else they need to finish their mission. Meet the organization’s disciplined Chief of Operations: John Manners.


Not every member of The Cartel is content to stay cloaked in the shadows. Some of them lead high-profile lifestyles, operating out of swanky clubs, having meetings in lavish restaurants, grabbing as much attention as they can. One person excels at keeping the media wrapped around her finger and using it to further her humanitarian goals better than anyone else. Meet The Cartel’s glamorous and crafty Chief of Staff: Christine Locke.


What you see here is just a small slice of our NFTs! Each character card is fully animated, featuring both original music and artwork from our very own developers. Additionally, the portraits displayed above constitute the front of the cards, while the back of each card will include lore tidbits! The text will vary depending on which rarity tier you purchase: Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epik. 

While these NFTs are a prize in and of themselves, starting your collection will also open the door for you to earn additional bonus rewards! 

If you buy all 20 NFTs in The Cartel set (all 4 rarity tiers for all 5 characters), then we plan to thank you for your dedication and support by giving you a *free* faction leader figurine! We plan to share more details on these figurines soon, but what we can say right now is that these figurines look incredible and you will not want to miss out, so stay tuned for more information about them soon.

That’s not all! Even if you decide not to go for the full set, every NFT you buy will award you tickets for a raffle hosted by our partners over at Epik Prime! You will receive more tickets depending on which rarity tier you purchase, ranging from 2 tickets per common card, all the way up to 15 tickets per Epik card.



What’s the grand prize for this raffle, you ask? The lucky winner of this raffle will receive the unique privilege of being immortalized in Eden Falling forever as an NPC! It’s not every day you have the opportunity to become a character in a video game, so make sure to stack the odds in your favor by accumulating as many tickets as you can!

We hope you liked this initial look at our Eden Falling NFTs, we are super proud of how they turned out and can’t wait to get them into your hands as soon as possible! We will be back soon with more updates about all things NFT related, so stay tuned to our social media channels, as well as Epik Prime’s, for more information in the near future!


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