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Texture Team Update 8-18-2017

Howdy, folks! The Texture Team has been working hard to get assets ready for our character creator and introductory game scenes.  We look forward to providing players with massive amounts of character customizability including skin tones, eye colors, hair styles/colors, and HUGE amounts of clothing ranging from piecemeal post-apoc wear, to full on futuristic, highly […]

Animation Update 8-9-2017

The Animation team has been focusing on creating animations that will be used during the combat sequences. There will be many different weapons that can be used. For example, here are some attack animations with a spiked club. As we continue to finish rigging more weapons, we will have a multitude of attack animations to […]

Music Update 8-4-2017

Continuing to carve out the sonic identities of the different factions, music has two excerpts of some tracks we’re working on to share! One of our newer composers Andrea Bellucci has done some work on the Freedom Fighters recently, and this is a great opportunity to show off what he’s done! Patriots’ Settlement Excerpt Freedom […]

Sound FX Update 7-27-2017

A sound effect, once made, doesn’t just fall into the movie where it’s found or the game engine where it’s heard. It has to be implemented. The BANG of a rifle must come from the barrel, the nature of the echo must match the environment. This is where individuals who specialize on the placement of […]

Modeling Update 7-19-2017

The Hard Surface team has seen a major evolution since the previous Dev Journal. With new additions to our team, the entire Modular team was also re-merged back with Hard Surface to form a cohesive whole once more. With this merger, we have revamped focus on modular designs for all Hard Surface departments to ensure […]

Character Asset Update 7-13-17

In the last Dev Journal, we took a look at how we finalized our methods of approaching the clothing system through blend shapes, dividing the body into segments, and 3rd party cloth simulation. Since then, the team has been very busy refining the mechanics of the clothing system and expanding the catalog of clothes and […]

Level Design Update 7-6-17

Level Design has been working on creating a large variety of outdoor levels and level wraps in the last month.  These locations involve several different region settings in the continental U.S. and we are very excited about the diverse experiences we have created.  The wraps will surround the levels to create a much more immersive […]

Sound/VO Update 6-29-2017

Hey Everyone! The Sound/VO Team has been spending a lot of time behind the microphone over the course of these last several weeks, making sure there’s a voice (and many different voices, I assure you!) behind every character you encounter! We have been running on all cylinders  as we continue to record dialogue for various […]