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Organic Modeling Update 6-22-17

The Organic Team has been working incredibly hard since the last development journal update. The Team has gone through a lot of changes, one being that we have grown significantly in numbers to increase our output and the results of that have been great. Most of our assets were already modeled but there were unforeseeable […]

Concept Team Update 6/15/2017

The concept team has been working on a lot of really cool and awesome stuff! From weapons and weapon mods, to robots and scenic experiences, we’ve got it all to show you. First, we have some weapon mods. These are mods that can be attached various types of firearms allowing stats and other aspects of […]

Writing Team Update 6-8-17

  Hello, my name is Andrew Dean, and I am the Lead Writer at Razor Edge Games. This week is the Writing Team’s turn for the Dev Update. As always, we do not have a lot to show visually, so I apologize in advance for the wall of text. Over the past few weeks we […]

Marketing Update 6-1-17

Hey everyone! The Marketing team has been bustling the last few weeks with many new and exciting things for us to share. The first big exciting piece of news is that Razor Edge Games is now officially on Twitch! We highly encourage our community to go ahead and follow us at www.twitch.tv/razoredgegames ahead of time, […]